van 5 tot 26 januari 2020

tentoonstelling met werk van Bram Kinsbergen en Joris Vanpoucke



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Over the past years, the works of Joris Vanpoucke have undergone a striking evolution from illustrative draughtsmanship and graphic art to autonomous paintings and drawings, driven by a quest for personal expression through rigorous material research and introspection. In all of this, Vanpoucke is prompted by a desire to map his context in an archival way from his position as artist, so as to penetrate his own inner world.

After an intense period of contemplation in his rural studio and in 2016 and 2017, Vanpoucke steps forward with fully formed series of brooding self-portraits. The poetic and naturalistic approach of these paintings runs parallel with the developpement of a new set of drawings depicting natural themes. Both the portraits, reflecting on the self, as well as the drawings, representing the outside world, feel familiar yet ultimately strike the viewer as alienating. When the habitual turns estranged, the works give access to a certain umheimlich feeling. This effect is reinforced by the artist's decision to work with organic materials as carrier, wich permeate the works with a tactile transience that sharply contrasts with the almost clinical images depicted.